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Terms & Conditions

Discover the terms & conditions of use for our Pilates Studio

Studio Terms & Conditions

    1. These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to all clients of Pippa Wylde (Pilates) Limited.
    2. The address for all correspondence under these terms is Pippa Wylde Pilates, 2 The Bullpens, Manor Court, Herriard, Nr Basingstoke, Hants RG25 2PH.
    3. Pippa Wylde Pilates reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions and will provide notice of such changes as would reasonably be required.
    1. New Pilates sessions paid in advance for blocks of 5, 10 or 20 Pilates sessions must be completed within the following time periods:
      5 sessions – 6 weeks
      10 sessions – 12 weeks
      20 sessions – 12 weeks
    2. Blocks of 20 Pilates sessions are only available for those clients attending the studio on a ‘twice-weekly’ or more basis.
    3. Failure to complete a block of Pilates sessions within the above time periods will result in the loss of any sessions not completed within the allotted time period.
    4. Single session bookings are only available to ‘introductory session’ clients. Payments made ‘on the day’ for a single (1 session) Pilates booking are only available for ‘occasional clients’ See 2e below.
    5. ‘Occasional’ clients (those clients attending the studio less than once per week) will not able to pay and block booked sessions as indicated in 2a above, nor will they be entitled to any percentage discounts.
    6. Clients wishing to take part in private/studio sessions on an ‘occasional’ basis will be required to contact the studio 24 hours prior to an intention to attend in order to find out if an availability exists.
    7. Booking priority will always be given to existing and new clients who have committed to attend the studio at least once per week.
    1. In order to comply with the studio’s own ‘health and safety’ and professional indemnity insurance requirements, all new and introductory session clients are required to complete a ‘client registration’ and ‘health screening’ questionnaire as part of the studio’s standard induction process.
    1. In order to comply with the studio’s ‘health and safety’ requirements, all clients must complete a ‘one-to-one’ private assessment with a studio instructor every 12 months. The cost of this assessment will be charged at the studio’s prevailing ‘one-to-one’ Pilates session rate at the time of the assessment being carried out.
    1. Clients are responsible for the security of their own personal belongings whilst attending the studio. The studio accepts no responsibility for personal belongings and/or valuables lost, stolen or damaged whilst clients attend the studio.
    2. Clients are responsible for the security and contents of motor vehicles left parked outside the studio. No liability is accepted for loss or damage to cars or property left solely at owner’s risk.
    3. Cars must be parked correctly in the studio’s own allocated parking bays giving due attention to dedicated disabled users parking bays.
    4. Clients are responsible for immediately informing the studio of any illnesses or injuries that might prevent them from performing normal Pilates exercise routines.
    1. When renewing a pre-paid block of Pilates sessions it is essential that 7 days advance notice is given to the studio of an intention to re-book and full payment made at that time.
    2. All new Pilates sessions must be booked and paid for in advance. Where a current block of Pilates sessions is nearing completion it is important that the new block of sessions is paid for, on or before the date of the last current Pilates session. Late confirmation of an intention to re-book may result in a previously regular time-slot being offered to others.
    3. Bookings are not considered by the studio to have been confirmed until full payment has been received.
    1. Clients are responsible for re-scheduling cancelled sessions with the studio.
    2. The studio will only re-schedule sessions when specifically requested to do so by the client.
    3. Cancellations and re-scheduling can only be accepted from clients ‘in-person’ or by telephone during normal working hours.
    4. Where cancellations cannot reasonably be rescheduled then the booking will be deemed to have been ‘lost’ and the session will be deducted from the block of pre-booked sessions.
    1. Clients who terminate their bookings midway through a block of sessions will be refunded the total amount outstanding, re-calculated on the allowable standard % pricelist discount based on the total number of sessions taken at the time of termination.
    1. Clients should provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice of holidays to allow the studio to temporarily ‘fill’ any unoccupied sessions.
    2. Clients must provide ‘re-start’ dates at the time of providing notice of a holiday. If a ‘re-start’ date is not agreed prior to a holiday being taken then the session time-slot may be offered to others.
    3. Annual holiday and public holiday studio ‘shut-down’ periods are not included in Clause 2a and will be added to the indicated time periods as required.
  10. PAYMENT:
    1. All payments must be made by cheque and should be made payable to ‘Pippa Wylde Limited’.

    All necessary steps will be taken to ensure that any personal data or information provided by clients to the studio shall be treated as confidential information and in particular the studio will not:

    1. use personal information data or information nor reproduce the data or information in whole or in part in any form
    2. disclose the personal data or information to any third party or persons not authorised to receive it
    3. alter, delete, add to or otherwise interfere with the data or information, save where expressly permitted to do so

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