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I came to Pilates with Pippa some years ago after a diagnosis of MS made my future somewhat uncertain.  I was struggling with balance issues and had no stamina to speak of and felt very tired the whole time.  I now have a body that reacts to situations, I no longer fall, I enjoy the strength I have gained and know that I should have been getting worse!  As a result of the personal touch that Pippa has, I had confidence in her ability to encourage me to try new things and throw away the rule book.

Thanks Pippa for the new lease of life!

S.B. ( Basingstoke), MS Sufferer

I am thoroughly enjoying my weekly Pilates session with Pippa Wylde Pilates.  Though the benefits of Pilates are now well recognized, my limited experience is that this seems to be the case with women more than men!  Pippa does anything from one-to-one to group sessions for up to 6 people.  What seems extraordinary is that in each case one feels that you have Pippa’s undivided attention.  The discipline she must have gained from ballet is brought to every session.  Everything associated with Pippa’s Pilates business is very professional and yet it is all delivered with a smile and a great deal of fun.

For someone who hates gyms, this is a great way to achieve the exercise one needs to retain the flexibility and fitness for everyday life.

C.S. (Overton), A Man's View

I have found Pippa’s individualised Pilates sessions ideal for pregnancy and also postnatally.  In pregnancy she tailored my sessions to accommodate the bump which allowed me to safely maintain some body-tone for as long as possible.  After a caesarean section the exercises were perfect for gradually strengthening the lower abdomen in a safe and controlled fashion.  I was able to regain control of those lower abdominal muscles, which I believe subsequently helped in allowing me to have a fairly easy normal delivery second time around.

G.F. (Winchester), Pregnancy & Post Natal

Pippa is the best!  I have been to other Pilates teachers but found no-one as good as Pippa.  I brought my husband along and he is now just as enthusiastic as me.  We have found that by coming more regularly our well-being has improved and our flexibility enhanced.

W.M.T. (Dummer), A Retired Couple

I have been a Pilates devotee for many years attending mat classes on a regular basis.  Whilst travelling in the USA I made the happy discovery of Pilates ‘Reformer’ classes and, being completely smitten, then set about finding a teacher and studio in Hampshire.  This was much easier that one might have expected as, literally only a few miles away, was the wonderful Pilates studio at Herriard run by the lovely and professional Pippa.  First impressions are of a light, airy, incredibly well-equipped studio with the ultimate Pilates teacher whose attention to her clients is incomparable.  Through Pippa’s teachings I have grown enormously in confidence on all the machines and apparatus and the changes to my body form and core strength is amazing.  Pippa works with her clients on an individual basis even within the studio sessions and always has time to demonstrate new exercises.  Her ability and skill at teaching coupled with her enthusiasm for her client’s progress, this has enabled me to go from strength to strength and I am able to lead an active sporting life, despite previous back injuries.

I can totally recommend Pippa’s approach to Pilates and am well-aware of her programme’s merits for both men and women of all ages and abilities.  There are considerable health benefits for anyone wishing to experience the Pippa Wylde Pilates Studio and I would encourage anyone to try this superb form of exercise.

L.W. (Newton Valence) , Completely Smitten

Pippa is quite simply a wonderful Pilates teacher.  Her demonstrations are incredibly elegant and appear to be effortless (they’re not incidentally!).  Her passion for her subject is always evident.  It is all of this as well as her clear and highly encouraging approach to instruction that makes her a great teacher.  Her studio is peaceful, very-well equipped and provides a lovely environment to learn Pilates in.

I have seen considerable benefits to my overall fitness as a result of working with Pippa and I know that this is a form of exercise that I will practice for many years to come.  I would highly recommend working with Pippa to anyone who is interested in learning more about Pilates.

F.B. (Andover), A Client Benefits

As a runner covering around 25 training miles per week I have found Pilates to be of great benefit . Five years ago I suffered an achilles injury which resulted in a year off all running. I was recommended to Pippa at Pippa Wylde Pilates to maintain a level of fitness and flexibility whilst recovering. I started weekly lessons and although I was very restricted in what I could do due to the injury, Pippa adapted the sessions accordingly. Having returned to full fitness I saw the benefits that Pilates offered and I continued with regular lessons which have resulted in an improvement in core strength, posture and flexibility, not only improving my running style, but also keeping me injury free. The studio is superbly equipped, bright and airy and the lessons are always well structured.

MA - Alton, Runner

I have been a one to one client of Pippa’s since 2016 and I cannot emphasise strongly enough the positive effects the sessions have had for me. Having had long term back problems and eventually a herniated disc, the pure and classic form of Pilates that Pippa teaches has brought my pain down to minimum levels and my mobility is better than ever.

Pippa herself is not only vastly knowledgeable and talented, but also has the ability to pass on her skills in a manner which is engaging, effective and fun.

Without even mentioning the fully equipped state of the art studio which lies in a beautiful rural location with plenty of easy parking, I cannot recommend Pippa highly enough.

SL- Odiham, Back issues
Since taking up Pilates with Pippa eight years ago, I have not had to see anyone about my back which had been playing up regularly. Now, no longer do I have any pain but my body is also much more flexible. In addition Pippa treats everyone as an individual and tailors their exercises accordingly.
RH - Ellisfield, Back issues

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